September 18, 2022

Tantalizing Trump Jokes Found Online


Ever since the United States became a country and voted on its next President, the big man himself has always been the butt of many jokes.  Former President Trump is no different.  So here are some funny one-liner jokes found online that will surely make you chuckle...

These are from:

  • What is Trump's favorite TV series?
    • Orange is The New Black

    • What is the fastest way to get Trump to change a light bulb?
      • Tell him Obama installed it.

    • Why is Trump unable to be hanged for treason?
      • Fake noose.​

    • What condition does Trump take his anti-anxiety medication for?
      • Hispanic attacks.

    • Why did Trump get absolutely soaked when he was traveling down the river?
      • Fake canoes​

    • How much does it cost to keep Donald Trump alive?
      • One Pence.

    Knock Knock
    Who is there?
    Ray who?
    Ray Sist, but my buddies call me Donald Trump

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