June 16, 2023

The Adventures of Jujutsu Jack and Ford Junior - Chapter 8

     Word quickly spread around Watermania that Chad had secret video-recording sunglasses and that he got fired.  All the lifeguards were on edge because they had just lost their winning lead right before the waterpark relay contest.  So, Tammy held a special all-hands meeting after the waterpark had shut down for the day.

“It was with the deepest regret that we had to let Chad go.  He was found to have a video recording device hidden in his sunglasses.  And as we are all aware of the policy, we do not allow video recording of any kind while you are on duty at this waterpark.”

                Intermingled with the unhappy crowd were Jack and Junior, listening to Tammy’s speech.  Jack was watching Camilla as she stood on one side of Tammy; Moose was on her other side.  

                “I need a leader to step up and take Chad’s place for this contest.  Who would like to volunteer?” asked Tammy.  Camilla looked around the crowd expecting several hands to rise.  Unfortunately, no one wanted to volunteer.  Then Camilla spotted Jack and gave him a smile.  Jack responded with a little wave.

                “A-ha!  Way to volunteer, Jack.  Come forward so we can all see who this brave soul is,” said Tammy smiling.

                “What?  Wait, no, I didn’t…” stammered Jack.

                Junior pushed him forward to the front of the crowd, “Go on dude, Jujutsu Jack-knife the shit out of that contest; you can do it!” encouraged Junior.      

                “There must be some mistake. I didn’t volunteer,” said Jack.

                Tammy leaned close to Jack so only he could hear her, “Kid, if you lead the team in this contest, then you will get a nice fat bonus; I can promise you that.” 

                Camilla chimed in, “Jack, I’ll help you; we got the team.  All we need is to get you trained and ready for the contest.  You can do this!”

                “SO WHAT D’YA SAY, WATERMANIA?  ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE PIRATE’S PLUNGE?!” yelled Tammy to the crowd.

                The crowd yelled back, “YEAH!” and cheered with new-found enthusiasm.  

                Camilla kissed Jack on the cheek and told him to be ready for training the next morning.    

Tammy and Moose watched the crowd leave for the day before having their own conversation.

“I knew it was that fuck-stick!” said Moose.

“You were right,” said Tammy.

“DAMM, that just pisses me the hell off!”

“I know.”

“My sixth sense was just kicking up a storm!”

“And you finally got him.”

“NAILED that son-of-bitch, sunglass model, my ass.”

“And now we’re going to lose even more.  GAWD!  I’m getting so tired of being suckered by a pretty face.”

“You’re not talking about the contest, are you?” asked Moose.

“Of course I am; we just lost our best guy!”

“What about the kid?”

“Who, Jack?  He’s a wimp.  We’re going to need a marketing miracle to recover from our losses.”

“Can’t you hire a new lifeguard manager?”

“Not enough time, maybe next year.”

Unbeknownst to Tammy and Moose, Camilla was listening from around the corner and was starting to feel slightly sorry for Jack.  She didn’t want him to lose.  So she was even more bound and determined to train Jack so he could lead a winning waterpark relay team. 


Never mess with a woman on a mission, especially when a man is involved in an estrogen-filled Watermania tirade.  That’s vagina power, and Camilla was ready to take responsibility so she could use it.  Camilla, now on her newfound mission, was eagerly waiting for Jack to arrive at work.  She was going to work that boy from top to bottom and most likely in between her thighs.  However, she was clever not to tell anyone about it.    

As Junior drove into Watermania’s parking lot, Jack spotted Camilla and was getting anxious about this new turn of events.  Junior could sense his buddy’s feelings and reassured him that he was in good hands, feeling a little sad that their dynamic duo was being sacrificed.  Right before he met with Camilla, Jack gave Junior the ever-so-popular bromance hug-out.    

“You got this,” said Junior. 

“Ready?” asked Camilla to Jack.  Jack nodded his head in silence and followed his new training coach. 

Jack told her, “I have a confession; I’ve never been in sports.”

“Really?” questioned Camilla.  She could feel her grasp around his balls getting tighter, and this was it.  This was her moment to create a new hero, a new winner, and it was up to her to train him, mold him, and devirginize him.  She carefully crept closer to his face and whispered, “What else have you never done?”

Instant boner.  Jack suddenly got embarrassed, but Camilla smiled and said confidently, “I think you like me, Jack.  Good, because I like you too, and I want to make a winner out of you.”   

Jack turned into putty in Camilla’s hands, and they both knew it.  He was being pushed to the brink, which made it even easier for Camilla to push Jack for the next seven days: lifting weights, running against other lifeguards, jumping over water chute obstacles, and jumping in and out of water floaties.  Jack’s determination and his sweaty muscular aroma was turning Camilla on, getting seduced by the very virgin whose cherry she wanted to pop.  It wouldn’t be long before Camilla’s zealous passion and her estrogen-raging menstrual cycle would take control, pushing her into totally seducing Jack in a very hot steamy shower after an evening of training.  They both wanted it.  So, there was no stopping this cherry poppin’.

“Fuckin' hornballs,” commented Moose as he watched his security monitor displaying the two getting their freak on in the men’s employee showers of Watermania.  Now feeling sorry for himself, Moose opened a drawer, found a porn magazine, and went into his Batman bathroom to jerk himself off.                

Later that night after the two lovebirds parted ways, Jack entered his home with a glowing smile, and Junior could sense it. 

“Holy shit,” said Junior, “You just got popped, didn’t you?”

“I did,” admitted Jack.

“Well, it’s about goddam time!” said Ken laid back in his faded and overly used Lazy-boy recliner.

“Guys, c’mon, the baby,” said Emma, covering Luna’s ears with her hands and sweeping her up to take her into the back bedroom.

“Well?  Bust out some beers, let’s chug ‘em down, we got a reason to celebrate!” said Ken.

“I can’t, still in training, and I need to get up early,” said Jack on his way to his bedroom.

“Training?  Running a marathon or something?” asked Ken.

“He’s getting ready for the relay contest we're having against Pirate’s Plunge,” explained Junior as he followed Jack to the bedroom.

Ken was left sitting by himself, lost in his own thoughts.  He wasn’t sure what to make of the boys.  Turning down a chance to drink a beer and celebrate?  When Emma returned, he said, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the boys are acting like mature adults.”

“I told you they would; just gotta give them some room,” said Emma.

“That reminds me, need to collect on the rent.”


Junior opened the door to find Ken standing right in front of him.

“I hate to bust this evening glory, but it’s time to collect on the rent, boys, y’know how Larry is,” said Ken.

Jack and Junior dug around for cash from various hiding spots around their room and handed it over to Ken who immediately counted the bills.  “There seems to be a few bones missing here, fellas,” said Ken.

“I can get it tomorrow,” said Jack, “Tammy said I would get a bonus.”

“Then I’ll be expecting the rest tomorrow night on account that you two are acting more responsibly,” said Ken leaving.

“Dude, Jack, you have to tell me all the juicy details.  What was it like?” asked Junior.

Jack laid back on his bed and stared up at the ceiling, entranced by the memory of a steamy hot wet shower, “It was… magical.”

“Aww, man, you are so lucky,” Jack said, caught up in his perverted imagination. 

“You’ll get your chance soon,” said Junior.

“What?  Oh, no worries, I already got it,” lied Junior.

“Sure you did,” Jack knew Junior was lying.  But he didn’t want to press it any further.  So, he changed the subject, “The team is going to Pirate’s Plunge tomorrow to get familiar with the relay course.  Want to come with us?”

“Tammy said it was okay?” 

“Camilla will get the okay.”

Junior sat back on his bed and stared at the ceiling, “I’m in.”

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