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About Niccole Rumans

Niccole's young and fragile young childhood as a prankster/joker was hiding in the dark – overshadowed by her sports/Italian bar manager known as her mom.  She usually hid in her room for fear that her mother would make Niccole the butt of some joke. 

Fast forward to 18 years of age, Niccole decided to wear Ren & Stimpy shorts to morning chow first day of Navy boot camp because I wanted she wanted to create some humor.  Although, no drill instructor nor shipmate was laughing.  Thus, killing any hopes of being that comedic character in her boot camp company class.

Fast forward to 2015 while working for a golf club resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Niccole found herself revitalizing her comedic spirit and gloriously gave invisible tourists invisible tours as a southern, obviously out-of-town white girl presenting the Mexican's version of the Grand Canyon and other illustrious well-known American icons.  She learned quickly from the locals and was magically ordained by her (unknown) local cartel godmother, given a magical Matrix spoon.  Niccole realized that this was her reality and that she could bend it however she wanted.  

That special magic from Mexico enabled Niccole me to make her way into San Diego and to truly be herself as “Memphis."

Examples of Niccole's success includes several PR campaigns, “Chipmunks & Beer in the Clear,” “White Girl Dramedy One Tweet at a Time,” and “Mental Pooping.”  

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, Memphis got hired by ComedyCowhide.com to be the next best Horror Film Hostess and her stardom was starting to really shine!  This spiraled into several more PR campaigns promoting very popular brands through TV commercial appearances, as well as revitalizing a major TV network with her very own, "The Memphis Show.”  

Becoming the next best pop culture icon created a wave of job opportunities for many people, including film production companies and advertising agencies.  Memphis won several major awards, but if it wasn’t for mother, Memphis would never have gotten to where she is today.