June 16, 2024



Amy Sands was cute and bubbly, full of holiday festive cheer driving her decked-out dog-training bright yellow minivan featuring her giant dog-training mascot, while singing a tune that sounded like Jingle Bells, “"Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.

The Batmobile lost its wheel, and the Joker got away.  Yay!  OMG, I just love that song.  Don't you, Buster?"

Buster, a student of Amy's, was a Boxer sitting in the passenger seat with his head sticking out of the window feeling the wind flowing on his furry face.  Amy made sure to drive through the neighborhood slowly to ensure any onlooker could read the bold lettering printed on the side of her van, "The Daily Dog Coach of San Diego."  It's definitely a one-woman dog and pony show, no puns intended.  

"I gotta tell ya, Buster, you have been an amazing student these past few weeks, your obedience training has really paid off, and I know your mom is very proud of you."

Buster was busting at the seams when Amy pulled up and parked in front of his house, his proud fur mamma waiting for him on the front steps.  Amy was also eager to unload for she had another doggie date waiting.  

After a brief graduation ceremony and a few Instagram snapshots, Amy cleverly parted ways with her catchy slogan, "Because dog coaching is done every day, that is our philosophy."

However, Amy couldn’t help but overhear the comment Buster’s owner said as soon as her back was turned, “I wonder what the Dog Whisperer would say, Buster?  Think he would be proud of you too?”

Like steel claws screeching down a dusty chalkboard, Amy couldn’t stand to hear that name, “The Dog Whisperer.”  According to Amy, he ruined it for all the other dog trainers everywhere.  How could they compete with fancy TV editing?  It wasn’t fair, and Amy really wanted to give that guy a piece of her mind.  However, the best ear she could get was her fellow gal pal, Rosa, at the Balboa Dog Park.  Rosa was a dog walker and they were scheduled to meet for a puppy playdate.      

When Rosa saw Amy walk into the dog park with a new puppy in tow, she could sense the tension in Amy’s face.  Where was the light she always saw?  Something was bothering Amy and she had to get to the bottom of it.

“Now you know better than to enter this domain with gloom all over your face,” said Rosa.

“Do I look that bad?” questioned Amy.

“You’re the only one who is pooping all over this puppy party.  So what is it?” asked Rosa.

“It’s that friggin' Dog Whisperer.  What is it with that guy?” 

“Girl, why you trippin'?”

“I just hate being compared to him.”

“You just want to be on television.”

“Well, YEAH!  Why not?”

“But is that what you really want?  I mean, you get no freedom to move around like you want.”

“My own doggie daycare would be nice.”

”Sloppy mess, straight ahead.”  Rosa pointed to her puppy pooping a few yards away, taking a moment from their conversation to pick up the smelly mess. 

“So who is this about, Amy, your fame or your love for puppies?” asked Rosa.

“Only for dogs would I go through this day in and day out, tolerating their horrendous gas bubbles, picking up poop like they were apples, and just feeling the unconditional love no matter what you look like.”

“I know, honey, you’re preaching to the choir.”

“I mean, who cares about being famous, right?  The camera is not going to love me like a dog can,” said Amy reassuring herself with her motivation while watching all the dogs play at the park.  Then the gloom clouding her mind lifted and she felt good again.  

The ringer on Amy’s cell phone started to sing, “Who let the dogs out? ROOF-ROOF-ROOF!”  

“Daily Dog Coach of San Diego, how can I help coach your canine?” Amy asked into the phone.  She was brief to set up a consultation appointment and wrote down an address.  When she hung up she looked at the address a little puzzled.

Rosa prompted her to talk, “What is it?”

“This address, that’s in a big money part of town if you know what I mean.”

“Get it, girl.  Get your money,” said Rosa.  

“Yeah but, it’s like Dog Whisper big money, if you know what I mean.”

“Then to prove to them you’re better than the Dog Whisper!  You know you are.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to meet them for a consultation?”

“Big money to get you closer to your dream!”

“Rosa, you always know what to say, don’t you?”

“Girl, I got you and that big dookie.”

Amy knew Rosa was talking about a pup taking another poop and offered to pick it up, where?”

“Eleven o’clock.  Need the pooper scooper?”

Please stay tuned for chapter 3...