December 28, 2020

When To Take a Bathroom Break


Can you imagine being the President of the United States and while you are in the middle of giving a public speech, your stomach twists and knarls with this inside gassy fart, slowly making it's way through your intestines and right towards your butt-hole.  No matter how hard you squeeze your butt-cheeks to keep it from coming out, gas just plops and poops right on out and right in the middle of the most serious speech you will ever give in the history of your entire life!  

Now what if you were some evil bad guy about to make a serious underground devil type of deal?  Could you put everything on hold for a bathroom break?  Hey, shit does happen.  So let this be the lesson coming into this next new year:  make sure all your gassy problems are thoroughly solved before making deals with the devil, or any Darth Vader speeches, or when you are in the middle of casting a spell.

Thank you!