December 21, 2020

First Interview as a Vampire

So I got a hold of one of my former roommates at a house I use to live in.  I'm not there anymore.  So as a parting "trick or treat" idea, I decided to prank them with looking all loud and proud.  See, I feel heterosexual people have just as much rights to using taglines traditionally used by homosexuals.  I am all about equality.  I did not see a rule book anywhere that said "for gays only."  I mean, that is segregation.  Besides, I feel like I can wear rainbow gear and still be a flaming heterosexual.  That is my choice.  I also choose to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush.  Don't forget to floss! 

You can follow me on Twitter.  But just so you know, I'm not in the market for vagina pics.  I already have a vagina and I am not really going to window-shop for one anytime soon.  So, for the dude who automatically sends vagina DM pics: please do your market research, you have to form a relationship with your customer first, make sure you have what they need or want, ask questions, conduct surveys.  I can provide online tarot card business advice if needed.